Comm 380

Babettes Feast

Babettes Feast is a movie that takes place in Denmark. This film is about two sisters who are the daughters of a priest. The priest has since passed away and the daughters are the ones taking over the home. The film goes back into the lives of these two women since they were very young. The sisters, Phillipa and Martine were very beautiful in their youth and had many suitors. Their father wanted them to have nothing to do with any of these men.

This film is in Danish. The scenery throughout the film is fairly bland however I think that that has to do with the year it was made. This also is a showing for the clothing worn throughout the film as well. I think that the age of the film is where most of its descriptions come from. I  don’t think that the fact that it is Danish is what takes away the vibrancy.

The color scheme seems to be mostly black and white even though this is not a black and white film. It really reminded me of films in the US that take place in Amish country to be honest. I think that the pilgrim like feel of the film has to do with the date they are portraying and not entirely the Danish culture.


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