Comm 380

Children of Heaven

This film takes place in Iran. It is about a boy Ali and his sister Zhara. They live in a very poor part of Iran in a town called Tehran. The family is very economically stressed and Ali looses his sisters sneakers which he fears will get him in trouble. He devises a plan with his sister to share his own shoes and runs to class after they switch every day. Ali is an incredible runner. He wins a race in a hope to win some shoes when he is disappointed that the sneakers were the third place prize and not the first.

This film has a lot of grey tone throughout. The buildings are all stone and the ground is a dry dirt color. The children’s clothing as well as the rest of the scenery however is very vibrant. This goes along with the children’s moods throughout as well. Even though there situation is pretty bitter there moods are still vibrant.

The Language is in Persian which is interesting to me because I was under the impression that Iranian was a language. Just goes to show how naive I am…


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