Comm 380

Slum Dog Millionaire

One of the films that I chose for my project was Slum Dog Millionaire. This is a movie that was very popular both in the United States and in India. The movie follows the story of a boy who is chosen to be on the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. The boy is from the slums and his family struggles to even find food. This is an amazing opportunity for him. The rest of the film depicts how the boy is able to answer each of the questions correctly to then go on to win a million dollars. The government in India thinks that he is cheating somehow so they beat him and demand he tells them how he is answering the questions. The reason that he knows all of the answers is because of the experiences that he has had throughout his life. It is through these many experiences that he is able to remember so many trivial facts. The boy is in love with a girl that he has grown up with. She was recently brought into some sort of prostitution ring and he wants to save her. That is what his goal throughout the film is. For each of the experiences the boy has, which lead to the answers to the question, the girl is always with him.

The colors throughout this film are just as I would have imagined them. Even in the slums everything is bright and vibrant. The colors are mostly reds and other warm colors with cool colors mixed in to simply add to the vibrance. The film takes place in New Delhi so as I suspected the movie consisted of a lot of people. When the scenes were shot on the streets or in the city there were so many people packed together like sardines. Since most of the film took place in the city the scenery was very relative to city life.

The movie was mostly in English with some Hindi during some of the flashback scenes. The slums were very eye opening for me because the worst housing I had ever seen would probably be the projects but the slums made those look like mansions. This boys zest for life never died down even throughout his life of many unfortunate situations. His brother was with him in most of the flash backs as well which gave me the feeling that Indians carry a strong sense of family. I think that one of the things that was most apparent to me was how fast paced everything seemed there. Everyone was always moving or talking and there was never a lull.


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