Comm 380

Indian Print Ads

The print ads that I looked at were from a multitude of different companies and campaigns. They all had many things in common though. The most common theme, which I have found to be common in all things India, is the vibrance of the colors. The colors are generally always warm with lots of reds and yellows. I did find however when looking at print ads that there are also a lot of cool and blues as well. This seems to just ad to the vibrancy of the images and does not fall into the same cool color complex as other countries that we have researched.

Another commonality I found throughout the ads was that there was generally a lot of space. There was never any white space as the entire image took up the whole picture on most occasions. However uncommon to India the images were very fresh with just a few things going on in each. India is known to be a very populated country with a lot of people in the same places on a general basis so this surprised me. Perhaps it could be a calming effect that allows the target market to correlate a feeling of serenity with the image and then would entice them to buy.

In doing my research I found a website that showed past print ads from India back 10 years ago or more and then compared them to present print ads. This was very interesting. The people in each of the images are obviously Indian however besides that both past and present ads are very similar to what we see here in the US. This is something that I have found is consistent throughout my research. India and America are very similar in terms of mass media.

I also noticed that the photos were much more materialistic than quality of life. Granted they were advertisements but the ads each featured the people in them to be better off because of the product and that the product would make them happier. They also were pretty slow paced which is not common in India.







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