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The second film I watched is called Ra.One. This is a film that I would describe as being a cross between Ironman and Transformers. The movie takes place in the UK with kids that are from India. The father of one of the children creates a video game and a way to make the characters come to life. As you can probably guess things go horribly wrong and one of the game characters is bad while the other is good. The bad one comes to life and kills a lot of people and then the kids bring the good one to life and it saves the day.

This movie really surprised me because it is so much like the movies we see here. They had so many things in common with your average American science fiction flick. This movie was one of the highest grossing movies in India. The characters in the movie are all played by very famous Bollywood actors. One of these actors is said to be the Tom Cruise of India.

The movie was in English with very minimal Hindi in one scene. Although it was a science fiction movie the colors were still very vibrant. They changed drastically when the film went from the UK to India as well. The scenery brightened up even in the darker scenes. Again I saw a lot of clutter in this film. It seemed as though everyone was always talking or moving quickly and there was never any open or empty space.

One interesting fact about this movie is that there is a song that is sung by the American rap artist Akon in the film. This song is also in Hindi. The colors throughout the film were again very warm with lots of reds and yellows. There was also an amazing sense of family throughout the film. The relationship between the father and the son was heart wrenching.

I think that this was a very good film and like I said before it really was very similar to the films we have here in America.


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